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OPTI 2015 was a successful show for us. We had a good response and found strong new partners. We are proud of the show and looking forward to meeting even more likeminded partners in the next shows.

We are looking forward to showing our new collections to the Scandinavian Opticians. Get ready, to be impressed!

For local deliveries we use our Butchers & Bicycle MK1-E Pro model. It's with pride and outmost pleasure that our team is making deliveries to our opticians, whenever possible, with this incredibly smooth to handle cargo bike in the most healthy way, keeping ourselves fit and the planet a tad cleaner and greener!

What a great cooperation: we are proud to be an official ambassador for Easy Jet Business Travel!


Come on in and take a backstage look at our photoshooting of the collection Z!

Thank you, Barbiere, for letting us shoot in your incredible bar!

We are happy and honoured to promote our new sunglass collection next to a carefully curated selection of brands who complement each other in the most perfect way at the pop-up store Apfelgold in Berne, our hometown in the center of Switzerland! 

The ultra-positive response of the clientele is simply overwhelming and it is extremely gratifying to see people leaving the store all happy with our sunglasses on, ready to fully enjoy their day in the sun!

The place to be: the Swiss Design Market in Zurich. We are stunned and super happy to be part of the fantastic line-up at the most innovative Design Market in Switzerland! 

OPTI 2015
Pop-up Store
in Berne
Swiss Design Market in Zurich
Hb Mobility
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