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We are Hb.

Innovation is our daily bread.

Highest quality is our point of origin.

Our origin is Berne – the Swiss capital that is a Unesco World Heritage site, and equally open-minded and down-to-earth.

The world is our home.

The infinite diversity of ways of life always in focus, we design and develop glasses that match, complement, and enhance your life.

Ultra-light und adaptable, Hb glasses snuggly fit every kind of face and head shape. Combined with the unique and soft touch of wood, this results in an unrivalled wear comfort

Meet some friends of ours who truly love and regularly wear our glasses and sunglasses

Photos, videos, information, reviews, contact for press inquiries


Hb Eyewear Switzerland

Postfach 286

CH - 3000 Bern 22

+41 31 332 13 60

info (at)

Ergonomic shapes, timeless design, and innovative details are defining the look and feel of our glasses
Glasses and sunglasses handmade of wood for all kind of quality loving people and for all occasions
News, experiences, inspirations, all that we love to share with you
Technical information,
glazing instruction,
and order sheets


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