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our story
Our Story

Himself a passionate wearer of glasses, industrial designer Marco Zimmermann used to be quite unhappy with what the market offered. After gaining his master’s degree, followed by years of working at trend setting design agencies all over Europe, and heading two product groups at an internationally leading sports equipment brand, Marco founded Hb Eyewear Switzerland in 2014. 


Ever since, he designs wooden eyewear that distinguishes itself by versatility and equally timeless and contemporary looks and is brought to live by master craftsmen. Already in 2015, the second collection ”Z” was launched, followed by the long awaited first collection of sunglasses “S” in 2016.

A true cosmopolitan and wearing many hats, Marco loves to explore the world and meeting like-minded people for fruitful international collaborations. Another powerful source of inspiration is Zermatt, home to his ancestors, where the quaint Alpine world contrasts with the distinguished lifestyle of the visiting international high society. To whom this car-free village in the Swiss mountains offers an authentic, first class experience of nature.

Hb glasses and sunglasses give you exactly that unique feeling of being in close touch with nature. 

our philosophy
Our Philosophy

It’s with joy, passion, and high precision that we work with wood, a material whose tradition of use by mankind dates all the way back to the Paleolithic times. We simply love it to refine this haptically unique material with timelessly modern design. And thus, to make its identity visible, wearable, and tangible.

Based in the heart of Berne, a truly inspiring city and UNESCO world heritage site, we are often enchanted with magnificent, horizon broadening views of snow-capped mountains. The joyfully relaxed, no-nonsense spirit of the multifaceted capital of Switzerland is reflected in our frames that are made of carefully selected woods and meet the highest quality standards.


The relationship with both our production and distribution partners is infused by the very same spirit. The family owned and run manufacturer keeps the tradition of distinguished craftsmanship alive and marries it with the most advanced high-precision technologies. They bring our premium Swiss design and our unparalleled wear comfort to life for you.


And it's exclusively via a highly selected and curated distribution network that our glasses find their way to true aficionados.  

Our Production

We are driven by our fascination with glasses, from the first sketch, to the detailed product design and the development of suitable manufacturing processes. We are not the first ones to use wood to manufacture frames. But regularly wearing glasses ourselves, we have rediscovered and reinterpreted the material in an unsurpassed way if it comes to fit and wear comfort for the customer and handling for the optician.

There are numerous advantages to using wood instead of elasto- and thermoplastics. Compared to plastics, wood feels far more comfortable, and natural, and incredibly lightweight on the skin. When refined the Hb way, the distinguished haptics of wood transmit an instant connection with nature.


Our like-minded production partner is a true innovation powerhouse, and is sharing our vision of wooden eyewear that sets new standards of formal language, functionality and quality alike. Each pair of Hb glasses and sunglasses is the child of high-end state-of-the-art technology and of distinguished craftsmanship. More than 70 unique work steps are executed by the hands of master craftsmen who pass on their knowledge from generation to generation.


A true labour of love of Marco and everybody involved, the result for you to enjoy are glasses that match, complement, and enhance your life!

our production


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