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Ergo Fit

Thanks to the ERGO FIT system, our wooden frames superbly fit every kind of nose. 

No matter if you're vigorously shaking your head or are dancing in the rain, your glasses will stay where they belong to, tightly and snugly on your nose. Hb glasses or sunglasses perfectly blend into your life so you can follow your passions worry-free. This is our vision of how wearing glasses should feel like, precisely like a very touch of love from nature.

ergo fit EN
Comfort Fit

Wearing glasses should be as comfortable as possible.

Thanks to our COMFORT FIT ergonomics, the lenses won’t get dirty even though it allows for a much closer and hence, more comfortable fit than what wearers are used to. The COMFORT FIT enables a highly improved alignment of the frames to the shape of the face, resulting in an increased wear comfort and a tremendous enhancement of the overall stability. The latter in turn improves the longevity of the frame.

Comfort Fit EN
Multi Fit

Our MULTI FIT allows for an optimal bend of the wood temples. This ensures that all and any Hb glasses and sunglasses can be shaped in perfection to suit the wearer’s face and head shape.

The result is an excellent wear comfort. The extremely lightweight and soft touch of the wood, unlike many other materials traditio-nally used for frames, will never hurt you. Any headaches from the pressure of the temples of your glasses behind the ears belong to the past.

Multi Fit EN


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